Towing services are our specialty here at West Palm Beach Towing Service and below you will find just a fraction of our great services you can take advantage with all across the state.

Heavy duty towing

Our heavy duty towing option is designed for those who drive tractor trailers or school buses. These workhorse trucks will be able to get you your yard, a trusted mechanic or one of the many heavy duty mechanics in our network.

Medium duty towing

Our medium duty towing service is designed for those who are operating larger cube vans or work trucks. We want to make sure you are back on your job site in minutes and will work with you to find solutions and get you to a mechanic who can see you immediately.

Light duty towing

The light duty towing option is perfect for those who drive a normal car or truck and need assistance. We can either get you back to your trusted mechanic or bring you to one of the hundreds of certified mechanics in our company’s trusted network, the choice is yours!

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance can mean the difference between waiting for hours or just a few minutes, and here at West Palm Beach Towing Service, we offer one of the best in the state. Unlimited towing, great service options and some of the best response times in the industry.

Tire change service

Blowing a tire is never a fun experience but with West Palm Beach Towing Service you will at least get back on the road in a few minutes. We have been providing our clients with amazing tire changes for years and will be able to get your spare on and get you on your way quickly.

Jump start service

Having a dead battery is never a good thing, but at West Palm Beach Towing Service we will have you jumped in no time. We use our extra-large batteries to jump you in a fraction of the time as jumper cables provide, and no matter the weather you will be heading down the road in minutes.

Gas delivery service

Running out of gas can be a bit of a situation, but when you call the West Palm Beach Towing Service the choice will be yours. You can either fill it up with enough gas to get to the next station, or take on a full tank and keep on trucking down the highway!

24/7 emergency service

No matter the time of night or day, the team at West Palm Beach Towing Service is proud to offer 24/7 emergency services.

Accident recovery

If you have been in an accident, you need to focus on your health. Let the team at West Palm Beach Towing Service take care of the accident recovery of your vehicle. We have done this a few times, and know the procedure and will ensure you are updated on the location and state of your vehicle as soon as you are on the mend!

Lockout service

A lockout is honestly the worst, but with West Palm Beach Towing Service you will be back in your car before the ice cream melts. Let our team ensure that a lockout is done without damage or too much of a headache, and you will be happy you called West Palm Beach Towing Service.